It’s alive! Insigne’s new creation, Daito, is now functional, built to process your logos, business cards, magazine layouts, packaging and more without the slightest glitch. But this new slab serif is no heartless churn of the same factory nuts and bolts. Daito is designed to greet your reader with a friendly face.

Inspired by types from the era of the Space Race, this new take on some old faces brings a contemporized, unique set of serif forms to the font race. Daito comes complete with a variety of weights to help you find the best settings for your current needs or moods. Need soft and playful? Daito light communicates its message gently with softened serif. Need a different feel with more authority? With the touch of a few buttons, engage the powerful Black or striking Bold.

Additional features with Daito include stylistic alternates, ligatures, titling capitals and small caps among other typographic features. Please note: use magical OpenType-savvy applications such as Adobe Creative Suite, QuarkXPress, etc to keep your font from malfunctioning, shorting, attacking people, or attempting a world takeover. Daito also speaks Western, Eastern, and Central European languages. However, Japanese is not available for this edition.

It’s not every day you find a top-of-the-line font like Daito come along. This machine can handle most anything on your list short of folding your laundry (though it may make your laundry look nicer). Don’t wait. Order yours today while supplies last.

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