The Cabrito family is back again to make a statement. Released as a complement to the children's book, The Clothes Letters Wear, the original Cabrito is light-hearted, fun, and easy to read. Now, balancing this friendliness with a new elegance, Cabrito Contrast steps forward--a handsome typeface with an extra-sophisticated sensibility injected into the design. Still bright and playful in its Cabrito ancestry, this new Cabrito member approaches the field with a cleaner, more reductionist form, ensuring that its polished look retains the readability.

Regular features and Italic forms of the 54 fonts include upright alternates, ligatures, and old figures. A range of weights include extended and condensed variants. To preview any of these interactive features, see the PDF manual. The family also includes language support for 72 Latin-based languages, and there are over 600 glyphs for further refining your work. Cabrito Contrast is best used for logos and packaging as well as flyers and websites, though its readability makes it a great option across a wide variety of works. In short, it’s well-designed just for you.

Take a stroll with Cabrito Contrast, and see how much fun refinement can be. Along the way, take a look at a few other members of Cabrito, too and see how well the likes of Original, Inverto or Didone can pair with the new Contrast.

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