Belda Didone: the elegant strokes of Belda, now with higher contrast.

A sleek didone fusing gracious movement with an elegant typeface, this typeface family offers new flexibility. Belda Didone is a refined gem of a font that provides an unmatched level of luxury.

Belda Didone is Belda’s offspring, providing new possibilities for a brave new world. The high contrast strokes reference the delicate shapes, curves, and sharp serifs of the original.

Belda Didone’s glyphs embody a unique style of harmony and sophistication with a balance unsurpassed in high contrast design. The design is elegant and stable. Belda’s forms have an intense luster and sparkle that captivates the reader’s eye.

Belda Didone has plenty of OpenType alternates, including small capitals, titling, and a wealth of weights and widths. This font has the potential to serve as both text and titling. It’s an excellent choice for book jackets, advertising, packaging, and other luxury applications.

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