We've often dreamed of seeing our city with its own visual identity. This is no small task. It may take Chattanooga years to undertake this effort.

So we asked ourselves, what can we do in the meantime? What about a typeface?

It turns out we shared this idea with some other Chattanoogans: our small town is home to two of the 300 practicing typographers in the world! They know each other and had already started developing a typeface for Chattanooga!

We partnered up with Chattanooga typographers Robbie deVilliers andJeremy Dooley to make their cause known. Luckily, 48 Hour Launch was right around the corner, and that event brings hundreds of creatives into one place. We saw a window of opportunity: we could assemble a solid team to get the ball rolling in one focused weekend.

It worked.

Here's the team of superstars that brought this campaign to life:

Jeremy Dooley: Insigne Design
Robbie deVilliers: Wilton Foundry
Grant Dotson: Dotson Studios
Kyle Posey: Paniris Web Development
Ryan McCabe: Ryan McCabe Design
Kelly Lacy: Fancy Rhino
Andrae McGary: City Council
Jonathan Mansfield: D+J
DJ Trischler: D+J
George Yu: Variable Technologies

Jonathan and DJ focused on writing about the typeface and designing ways in which the typeface could be used. This included coming up with the campaign idea "found in Cha."

At this point, our brilliant typographers have developed around 5-10% of the entire typeface, so much remains to be done. Stay tuned for more information about Chattanooga's typeface at Chatype.
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