From the late nineteenth century and the golden age of American classical writing comes the design for Metairie, a high-quality script font from Jeremy Dooley. Inspired by pharmaceutical labels and elixirs of the 1800s, the typeface features expressive (sometimes exaggerated), sensuous forms--high-contrast figures with an emphasis on the bottom part of the script. While not in the traditional style of calligraphy, the typeface still much represents the elements of this colorful world. Metairie’s scrawled letterforms are ideal for headlines and short phrases, though any project can benefit from its fresh, yet vintage touch.

The font is filled with all the characters you need. Metairie supports all major Latin languages. This expanded OpenType font is a complete solution for creation. Possessing Opentype capabilities, Metairie has a fully developed personality of it own. Also included are a number of distressed options.

Included with the typeface, too, are a series of decorative ornaments, variations on the fleur de lis. Ornaments and tails are accessed through the glyph palette or using the Swash function. An extensive set of ligatures provides additional variations of letters to humanize the handwriting on the page.

Use the glyph palette to find the perfect solutions for specific projects. You have full access to this amazing capability with InDesign, Illustrator, QuarkXpress and similar software. We recommend that you explore what this font can offer by using the glyph palette. You can get an idea of ​​the strength of this font by reviewing the brochure in PDF format in the "Gallery" section.

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