Before the Great War, there were great posters. Posters of elegance and grandeur. Posters calling people to the pleasures of sunny southern France and to the perfections of northern Italy’s dolce vita.

Le Havre, based on a poster by AM Cassandre, was one of my first typefaces that took inspiration from this genre. Now, the golden memories of years past are the inspiration for insigne design’s new Gineso Titling as well. Gineso revives the retro forms of past poster design with its newly crafted sense of humanity, which is amplified by a great variety of texture options.

While the new forms are perfect for posters, this titling font is also ideal for bringing the charm of pre-war Southern Europe to a new bottle of wine, to fine foods and beverages, and to high-end logotypes. For the grandeur and elegance you need in your titling, look to Gineso Titling.
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