Haboro Squared is a formidable typeface, created for a variety of uses. Clean and consistent, it evokes the 1950s and 1960s. Haboro Squared conveys accuracy and utility with its clean, consistent strokes. In the 1950s and 1960s, designers and the general public began to reject the austerity of the war years in favor of a new sense of American optimism. This era is reflected in Haboro Squared’s gently rounded letters, playful alternates, and multi-purpose use. Whether you are creating a logo, crafting a website, or designing a magazine article, Haboro balances modernity with a hint of nostalgia.

Haboro Squared achieves a balance between fashion and practicality. Even though it has an angular, modern design, it radiates friendliness and warmth. Haboro Squared works well for headings and brief texts.

This collection of fonts consists of eight weights, from Thin to Black, each with a corresponding italic. Your design will seem robust and fashionable with so many options. Haboro plenty of alternate glyphs from which you can select an alternative or adjust the appearance of each letter.

You’ve found a secret weapon. The Haboro Hyperfamily features a whole array of options, from Haboro Sans, Serif, to Haboro Didone. Take a look at the entire family.

Even the most serious texts have a touch of whimsy thanks to the quirky alternate terminals in this multipurpose text face. Impress clients with your next branding package, web site, or magazine spread. Let the nostalgia of America’s post WWII heyday fill you with inspiration! Supercharge your next branding package, web site, or magazine spread with Haboro Squared!

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