Montarsi is a typeface designed by Jeremy Dooley, inspired by Arabic calligraphy and contemporary design trends. The letters are fluid and graceful, inspired by the curves and swirls of Arabic script.

Montarsi is a bold, contemporary calligraphic face with broad strokes and high contrast. It has a variety of styles and weights to give you an extensive range of design options.

This font family, which includes eight weights, is ideal for producing brief texts for editorial, fashion, branding, magazine, television, window displays, and other media applications. Small caps, old-style figures, and width variations are also included. It's ideal for writing brief sentences because of the increased x-height.

Montarsi is a classic spirit reinvented in a modern language, influenced by the delicate curves of letters and the way ink glides across paper.

We thank Lucas Azevedo and ikern for production assistance.

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