Savor the sweet script of insigne design’s new Honeydrop. This decadent delicacy of a font features a unique form with an Eastern flavor that’s great for projects like organic or all-natural food packaging and branding.

Mimicking the strokes of a dolloped, pointed brush, Honeydrop has a playful, creative character with an eager element of adventure. To sweeten the possibilities, Honeydrop’s unique textures help the typeface mix in well to the different areas you use it. Its five different distressed variants entice your reader to the page, where the face’s many alternates treat you to a variety of possibilities. Use the OpenType override options like random replacements to round out each of the fonts in this family. With 65 alternate characters for each font, you’ll come away with a unique taste each time add Honeydrop to your project.

See what the buzz is about at insigne. Get ahold of Honeydrop and start exploring the flavors you can add to your next project.

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