Introducing Sociato: a typographic trendsetter. It's a quirky font that perfectly blends modernity and antiquity.

The French Revolution was a period of uncompromising innovation in art and fashion, with celebrity artists, notably Jacques Louis David, creating propaganda for the new regime. This regime failed, but we have rare historical artifacts related to this historical upheaval.

The typeface was inspired by a declaration published during the French Revolution that extolled the development of a new religion, the cult of the Supreme Being. It's a stunning piece of work, with a wild, baroque layout and hand drawn typography. Words leap off the page in a cascade of sounds and shapes, and quirky letterforms give it a lively, almost mischievous character. It's a veritable goldmine of typographic ideas.

This typeface is based on the hand lettering in the original manuscript, but it has been enhanced by adding a full variety of characters. The typeface comes with a comprehensive range of diacritics, including old-style figures. The typeface is suitable for a wide range of uses, including titles and headers, and it should look beautiful in any typographic setting.

Use Sociato to create a revolutionary identity, as bold and audacious as the French Revolution!

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